We offer an extensive range of customized solutions for individuals and organizations seeking to expand their reach and achieve competitive excellence. The following is an overview of our comprehensive service offerings:



We offer 1:1 coaching solutions to hone needed skills in a supportive, exclusive environment. Our traditional coaching model is comprised of 10 sessions over the course of 12 months and provides additional access to support services for the duration of the coaching contract. Coaching services are offered live, over the phone, or utilizing any number of social media platforms. Certain prerequisites apply.





Our laser coaching solutions are designed for
clients whose development needs fall outside of the traditional coaching model.  Laser coaching sessions are 1-2 consecutive hours and do not provide access to additional support services beyond the scheduled session.







Periodically we provide specialty group coaching programs that allow numerous clients to benefit in a cooperative setting. These programs are offered in a virtual learning environment and allow access to an online community of membership discussions, exclusive content, videos, podcasts, webinars,
and more.




Our workshops are half day, full day or multi-day highly interactive, immersion-based sessions of groups no larger than 12. The goal is for attendees to work within the content. Workshop topics are narrowly tailored to address a single area of focus and allow for rigorous application of the desired skill set. These sessions are designed to be collaborative in nature and encourage intense interaction between participants and presenter. Workshops are structured individually or as a series.



Our seminars are designed to serve larger audiences than our immersion-based workshops (generally 25 or more) and are intended to cover comprehensive topics in broader strokes. These sessions provide generous opportunities for attendees to ask questions, receive feedback, and thoughtfully absorb the content.  Seminars are offered individually or as a series in half day, full day or multi-day sessions.



Our mastermind programs bring together clever, ambitious minds who seek to collaborate, cultivate strategic relationships, and achieve greater purpose. We believe that "more heads are better than one" because the process of developing exceptional ideas is accelerated through collective thought and action. Mastermind sessions can help you to overcome obstacles, unleash your potential, and discover new paradigms that advance your platform. Mastermind colleagues encourage you to challenge your ideals, push beyond your comfort zone, and take immediate action. Become the master of your destiny and join us for one of our upcoming programs.




We offer long-term consulting solutions for clients seeking to obtain expert advice on the evaluation, development, and implementation of next practices for executive teams and organizations at-large. We take a "deep dive" and help organizations solve their performance challenges by identifying fundamental barriers to effectiveness and achievement. Our process demonstrates that solving underlying problems at the organizational level has a significant impact on workplace culture, human relations, productivity, and profitability—factors that determine the overall success of every organization.



If you crave an exclusive experience that will streamline your path to success, consider booking a full day of 1:1 consulting. During this results-driven session, we will examine the architecture of your professional brand, identify personal and professional barriers to performance, and create a customized plan for your success. We provide cutting edge advice to individuals across industries that seek to strategically advance their professional platforms. Certain prerequisites apply.



We provide an opportunity for clients to receive greater value by maximizing the potential of every service offering with enhanced customization. Design more effective programing by incorporating one or more of the following enhancements:


•   Quick-start surveys

•   Mini-focus groups

•   Preinterview with attendees

•   Stake-holder intensives

•   Deep-dives

•   Follow-up facilitation

•   Book-signing package

•   1:1 coaching for event participants

•   Advanced training

•   Off-site excursion





We are always planning exciting, new events. Please check back with us for additional details.


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