“Karima has helped CHCI participants and staff to dramatically improve their confidence and public speaking skills. Her work over the last few years with the various CHCI cohorts (CHCI's award-winning Congressional Internship Program, Public Policy Fellowship Program and Graduate Fellowship Program) and our DC staff has been of enormous value.  If you want exceptional public speaking coaching, let Karima be your guide; she has shown herself to be a highly-skilled and proven professional.”

Reynaldo Decerega

Director of Programs, Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute



"Working with Mrs. Mariama-Arthur is a uniquely empowering experience. Her natural ability to provide comprehensive feedback and meticulously dissect subtle details—from the substance and organization of one's talk, to the non-verbal communication being conveyed to the audience—make the training sessions with Mrs. Mariama-Arthur tremendously effective. Poised and charismatic, she skillfully establishes an enthusiastic connection with her audience and creates a refreshing environment where both learning and fun can
take place. I feel quite fortunate to have been under the tutelage of Mrs. Mariama-Arthur and give my wholehearted recommendation for her expertise to anyone seeking to
better themselves."

Daniel Lind

Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute

Graduate STEM Fellow, 2012-2013



“A consummate professional, Karima Mariama-Arthur adheres to the highest standards of excellence in representing her client’s interest. An esteemed academic, accomplished litigator and innovative, strategic thinker with a solid work ethic, Karima is a pro-active listener. She consistently focuses her efforts toward helping clients cultivate a unique brand to effectively achieve their professional development objectives. When working with Karima, you can expect to get her integrity, attention to detail, high energy, and grace under extreme pressure. Diplomatic and discerning in her approach, Karima has a clear aptitude for assessing individual and project requirements which aid her in achieving positive, measurable outcomes that meet her client’s needs.”

Lisa R. Ransom

Chair and CEO

Augustus F. Hawkins Foundation



"Karima has a rare combination of talent and skill that translates into a true blessing for anyone who is fortunate enough to work with her.”

Sonia Zeledon

CEO, KocoonTech



“Karima has a keen eye for detail and efficiently gets the job done; she is a delight to work with.”

Dana LaMon

Accredited Speaker

World Champion of Public Speaking Toastmasters International, 1992

Motivational Speaker and Author



“Karima is a powerhouse—a dynamic speaker and cutting edge leader in the field. You will not be disappointed.”

Teri Harrison, Esq.

Founder and CEO, Fearless and Fabulous Worldwide



“Karima is an exceptional advisor who exhibits competence
at the highest level.  Her commitment to excellence and the best result for every client, are the catalysts for my professional success.”

Celebrity Chef Jerome Brown

‘Chef to the Stars’

CEO, Hot Grits, LLC




“Karima helped me to prepare an executive-level
presentation before the Pre-Columbian Society of Washington, DC.  Her positive, direct, and confident approach was the catalyst in my ability to give a dynamic and powerful talk. Karima has a knack for delivering straightforward, practical advice that empowers you to discover your strengths and weaknesses in an enthusiastic, supportive environment. Her coaching methodology was invaluable and I look forward to working with her in preparation for future executive talks.”

Daniel Kobrinksi

Corporate Attorney, Washington, DC



“My publicists and I are very impressed with Karima. She is a highly intelligent, polished professional and an absolute pleasure to work with. It was clear that Karima was well-prepared and had done her research. She asked meaningful and insightful questions, which helped the conversation to flow organically. Thank you for an excellent interview.”

Chris Leavitt

Luxury Real Estate Broker, Douglas Elliman

Star, Bravo's Million Dollar Listing Miami




“In our organization, a powerful speaker not only influences and impresses others, it motivates and gives an example of how things should be done. Karima not only speaks with confidence, she is poised and exhibits considerable motivational and leadership traits that we should all seek
to possess.”

Quincy G. Gant

Grand Worthy Patron, 2010-2012

Georgiana Thomas Grand Chapter, Order of the Eastern Star, PHA



“Amongst her many accolades, Karima has an extraordinary sense of compassion and has taken her message of personal development from the boardroom to the classroom, to empower communities of disadvantaged youth. Instrumental in developing a first-class mentoring program for at-risk females at the Ionia Whipper Home, Inc., in Washington, DC., she challenged the young women to take a hard look at the dynamics of self-esteem, communication and leadership. As an inspirational and motivational speaker, Karima empowers her audience by giving them hope and a vision for tomorrow. Kind, Ambitious, Radiant, Intelligent, Marvelous, and Accomplished. These carefully selected attributes describe the dynamo that is Karima.”

Venecia C. Bessellieu

Grand Worthy Matron, 2015-2017

Georgiana Thomas Grand Chapter, Order of the Eastern Star, PHA



“Mrs. Mariama-Arthur is one of the most energetic professionals that I have ever met. She brings a modern vision to the young women of the Ionia Whipper Home. Her knowledge, skills and experience establish transparent credibility and provide a warm and affirming experience for our clients who are often times empty, suspicious, and afraid. Mrs. Mariama-Arthur is a skilled practitioner who effectively communicates her message with humor and enthusiasm. She is an important catalyst in helping our young women to achieve meaningful, life-affirming goals.”

Joan P. Hurley

Executive Director, Ionia Whipper Home, Inc. 1979-2013



“In the corporate environment where multiple
responsibilities must be effectively and efficiently managed, the successful executive requires a smart, innovative strategist to help improve upon and sometimes transform organizational operations. Karima makes this critical contribution to executive teams.  Her considerable skill and experience as a speaker, trainer, and consultant clearly demonstrate her ability to lead and effect change at the highest levels. Her commitment to excellence reflects a profound focus on the organizational mission, bested only by her astute ability to adapt to the dynamics and direction of each organization she serves. Her contributions set executives apart, while systematically supporting the symbiotic nature of a successful executive team.”

Malik R. Watkins, Ph.D.

Public Service Associate, Governmental Services & Research

Carl Vinson Institute of Government

University of Georgia



“When I first met Karima I sensed instantly that she had an aura of goodness inside and out.  When she speaks publicly there is an immediate draw to her sincerity and warmth, a person you know you can trust.  Karima is brilliant yet humble, given her vast array of knowledge.  She is a born leader and speaker.”

Sandra Donati

Federal Government Colleague

The Bill Gove Executive Speech Workshop



“Karima is a talented communicator with extraordinary presence.”

Ambler Jackson

Owner, LiveLoveLife, LLC



“From the moment I started speaking with Karima, it didn’t even feel like an interview. I felt like I was talking to someone as a friend more than a writer from a big outlet. She even got me to mention names I’ve never mentioned before!”

Ryan Serhant

Executive Vice President and Managing Director, Nest Seekers International

Star, Bravo's Million Dollar Listing New York

Star, Noah Baumbach's 'While We're Young'



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