WordSmithRapport™ is a boutique consulting firm specializing in leadership development and organizational performance management. Our nimble, results-oriented approach is designed to strategically advance our clients' professional platforms and catalyze outcomes for human capital talent across industries. Whether your goal is focused on navigating the dynamics of complex communication, leading with greater impact and distinction, or taking your entire organization to the next level, we are equipped with the fundamental tools to help you achieve it. From single transactions to multi-faceted engagements and burgeoning entrepreneurs to Fortune 500 corporations, we are committed to the best result for every client and keenly focused on cultivating collaborative genius through innovation.



From design to execution, our customized solutions provide clients with a strategic advantage.  We listen, learn, and evaluate each client’s unique circumstances using the most appropriate diagnostic tools.  We believe that no two clients are exactly alike, so we don’t offer all-purpose solutions. Instead, we identify fundamental nuances and design creative solutions around them. Our process is contextual, collaborative, and reflects a keen understanding of the results-driven business environment. Zealously committed to the success of each individual client, we are uniquely positioned to deliver results.



Embracing conventional wisdom is considered practical; however, we applaud the value of thinking outside the box. We develop innovative solutions that offer an integrated approach to mastery. We stimulate and engage by incorporating advances in research, technology, and creative collaboration. Owning a solid reputation for delivering results, we pride ourselves on elevating the professional platform of individuals and organizations that dare to go from good to great.




We are valued stewards of conscientious client engagement. We listen for the "devil in the details" and work responsibly to align client expectations with effective strategies to maximize results. We won’t try to fit a "square peg in a round hole" because every client deserves the benefit of a fresh perspective. We are committed to the radical success of every client, but won’t cut corners or sacrifice our integrity to get there. We take our role in your professional development process seriously and you should too.



Our reach is as broad as the industries we serve. Whether you live in the Washington, DC Metro area, New York, Los Angeles, Dubai, or anywhere else around the globe, our diverse platforms ensure that clients are always connected. We also travel both nationally and internationally to support the strategic needs of our clients.


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